Hijab Style Looks

Despite the fact that wearing hijab is an obligation for all Muslimahs, hijab also symbolizes beauty, confidence and obedience. And trust me by the way you style your hijab, it can reveal your true personality. Here are 3 hijab style looks that you can try out especially during this coming Hari Raya and also for your daily style. Being a modern and busy woman, the fancy tedious hijab style is no longer practical, we tend to wear something simple and easy-to-wear. I hope my recommendation below will help you :) 

1.Simple Two Loop

Try this simple two loop wrap hijab if  you love wearing shawls in your own creative style. The two loop hijab is easy to wear and flaunt from day to night. By making one end of the shawl shorter than the other, wrap the longer end twice around your head and you are set to go. Don't forget to use shawl that suits your skin tone and matches the color of your dress.

2.    Sarung style
 The sarung hijabs are already sewn in place for women to easily slip it on their head. Choose from the various sarung style patterns available in the market and show it off around town. This effortless hijab style is the best option for busy working women who do not have enough time for themselves and for women who love simplicity. You can affix your hijab with a pair of beautifully designed brooches on your shoulders to give a touch of luxury. 

3.    Instant shawl
Easy peasy instant shawls have become the new fashion piece for the modern hijabistas. Thanks to instant shawl, just wear it and count 1,2,3, you are now good to go! Your life saver especially when you are running out of time for some occasions, and good for someone who does not really have good skill in styling their hijab. ***High five